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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2018] J&C Technology, displayed industrial lighting with eco-friendly certification
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J&C Technology(CEO, Jang Minjun) participated in 'International LED & OLED EXPO 2018' held from Jun. 26th(Tue) to 28th(Thur) at 3th and 4th hall of KINTEX in Iisan and displayed industrial lighting with eco-friendly certification.

(Photo description: New product, LED factory light, HBM-75E/80L)

J&C Technology is a company, which started from producing optical measuring equipment, and has now expanded its business to LED lighting. It is the very first company which deals with both measuring equipment and lighting in Korea. They has developed products with their own technologies, and specialize in developing, producing, and importing and exporting equipment with characteristics of bi-directional scattering reflection, transmission and haze of brightness, uniformity and viewing angle of LCD and OLED displays, and optical parts.

J&C Technology's products, which are all made in Korea 100%, are all industrial lighting with eco-friendly certification. It has advantages that it has strong durability since it is strong at high and low temperature, lasts long due to lighting in AC direct connection and SMPS type, and has high power supply efficiency. On top of that, it has improved the product performance by applying charge and discharge power circuit technology patented in the USA.

(Photo description: 'HBS-100L/120L')

HBS-100L/120L, which are popular lighting of J&C Technology and produced by innovative optical design, is possible to replace its metal floodlight of 250W only with 40/45W, which creates high efficiency with less electricity. It has advantages that it attracts less harmful insects than general lamps, and it saves cost on installation and repair since it is the same form as the current lamp socket.

Choi Boyun, a chief of technology sales department, J&C Technology, said, "new products, HBM-75E/80L, lighting for high ceiling, have been recently released," and "these are high-powered LED lamps in a super-light and heatproof design, which can replace 250W of metal light with 75W." She continued to say, "We will do our best to develop energy efficiency lamp products as well as street light, security lights and other products," and "we plan to export our products to Southeast Asia."

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by Lee Eun Sil ( )

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