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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2018] KOVIT, introduced a new product, SMPS in a slim design
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KOVIT participated in 'International LED & OLED EXPO 2018' held from Jun. 26th(Tue) to 28th(Thur) at 3th and 4th hall of KINTEX in Iisan and introduced a new product, SMPS in a slim design.

KOVIT is a company manufacturing SMPS, and is mainly introducing a waterproof model. KOVIT displayed SMPS (in IP68 grade) improved in performance and lowered in price, compared to the existing models. An official of KOVIT said, "the size of the product is smaller than the one in last year, and has proud of 95% efficiency."

He continued to say, "We are currently in a process of exporting our products to Saudi Arabia, and besides that, we are often participating in overseas exhibitions in order to achieve active exports." He also said, "We are now preparing necessary certification to make an entry to Indian market, and the actual entry is ahead of us."

He also added, "KOVIT has been releasing products in constant voltage type, but we will release SMPS in 'constant voltage type' that can change the electric current in the second half."

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by Lee Eun Sil ( )

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