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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2018] SOLUX, displayed indoor lighting equipped with a self-produced light guide panel
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SOLUX (CEO, Kim Bokdeok) participated in 'International LED & OLED EXPO 2018' held from Jun. 26th(Tue) to 28th(Thur) at 3th and 4th hall of KINTEX in Iisan and displayed indoor lighting equipped with a self-produced light guide panel.

(Photo description: 'Doughnut', edge type-designed light)

SOLUX is a company producing eco-friendly light fixtures with its factory in Gongju and Wonju. The company operates a design research institute and a technical research institute separately to produce products systematically.

SOLUX produces all the parts and designs on their own except for drivers in driving part and LED chips. The company owns over 1,000 designs, and supply their products mainly to domestic construction companies. Since SOLUX accepts demands of many companies and produces products, it is an advantage to produce a wide range of products such as lighting for indoor decoration, offices and public institutions.

The popular product of SOLUX is 'Doughnut', indoor lighting in edge type design. SOLUX has used a light guide panel, which has been designed on their own, and is a key part in edge lighting. It is an advantage that the light spreads evenly to ease the fatigue of eyes, and this product is used for a table and decoration.

(Photo description: New product, VOV, edge flat light)

Kim Gyunam, an employee of overseas sales department, SOLUX, said, "we are regularly participating in domestic and overseas exhibitions, and releasing products," and "we will export our products to countries such as the USA, India, German and Denmark." He continued to say, "We will invest in producing outdoor lighting as well as indoor lighting.

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