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Subject OLED Panels Manufactured from LG Display’s 8.5-Gen OLED Fab in Guangzhou Pass LG Electronics’ Quality Certification
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OLED panels manufactured from LG Display’s 8.5-Gen OLED fab in Guangzhou passed LG Electronics’ quality certification. As LG Display has secured a qualification to officially provide its products to its biggest customer for TV panel, it has made necessary preparations for mass production.
According to South Korea’s display industry on May 28, prototypes of 55-inch and 77-inch OLED panel manufactured from LG Display’s fab in Guangzhou recently received passing grades for LG Electronics’ quality certification test.
The fab, which was opened in September last year, is the main production base for large OLED panels such as 55-inch, 66-inch, and 77-inch panels. Normal operation had been delayed as the fab had faced setbacks such as low yield to its productivity. LG Display was looking to complete necessary preparations for mass production in the first quarter by applying manufacturing processes from its fab in Paju and raising the Guangzhou fab’s production yield. However, its plan has been pushed back to the second quarter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By passing LG Electronics’ standards on quality, the fab has satisfied minimum standards before it goes into mass production.
The Guangzhou fab is also going to supply 48-inch OLED panels to LG Electronics for the industry’s first 48-inch OLED TV. As a result, the fab now has a full lineup that covers medium-sized panel to large-sized panel.
“Due to the aftereffect of COVID-19, there is an increase in the number of people who are playing video games and watching videos indoor.” said a representative for the industry. “Because demands for medium-sized TVs are on a rise in Europe and Japan, 48-inch OLED panel will establish itself as a new source of profit for the Guangzhou fab.”

Complete view of LG Display’s 8.5-Gen OLED fab in Guangzhou <Complete view of LG Display’s 8.5-Gen OLED fab in Guangzhou >

LG Display is planning to apply MMG (Multi-Model Glass) technology, which is currently applied to the Paju fab, to the Guangzhou fab and manufacture 48-inch OLED panels. The industry believes that the personnel that LG Display recently sent to the Guangzhou fab through a chartered plane includes engineers related to MMG technology.
MMG technology is a type of multi-model manufacturing technology that can manufacture panels in different sizes from single mother glass. Because it can raise mother glass’ efficiency, it can increase production yield and reduce production cost at the same time. There is a good chance that LG Display will manufacture 48-inch and 77-inch panels or 48-inch and 65-inch panels from single mother glass. Normally, one mother glass based on 8.5th generation can manufacture two 77-inch panels and two 48-inch panels at the same time.
Regarding how LG Display is going to utilize MMG technology to manufacture OLED panels for LG Electronics, the company said that it cannot disclose any information regarding its customers.
The timing of ramp up of the Guangzhou fab will be determined by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because European countries and North American countries, which are LG Display’s biggest customers, closed stores and enforced limited movements in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is expected that demands for large-sized OLED TV will decrease greatly. To make matters worse, international sporting events that greatly increase TV sales are being postponed or cancelled.
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