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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2020] Capro introduces LED rechargeable necklace lantern reflecting leisure trends
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Capro participated in the 18th International LED & OLED EXPO 2020 in KINTEX on Nov. 11-13 and introduced its LED rechargeable necklace lantern launched last year.

CAPRO LED rechargeable necklace lantern is light, and can be worn on the neck so that both hands can be used freely, while each switch on the rear is installed to adjust the angle of the light up, down, left and right. In addition, it can be charged with a mobile C type and a micro 5-pin jack, and it can be charged for life and used again and again.

Each switch is applied to both sides, so only one can be turned on as needed, and there is a signal indicating the state of charging at the time of charging, indicating when it is fully charged. Depending on the application, there are straight type and diffusion type, and can be used freely without wires for 5 to 10 hours by 3.5 hours of charging.

LG Chem's lithium-ion battery is used to guarantee the quality of the product, and the over-discharge protection circuit and over-charge protection circuit automatically cut off the device when the current is beyond threshold, making it safe to charge even when it is already fully charged. With only 203g in weight and flexible movement, it attaches to the user's body and gives a sense of stability.

The LED rechargeable necklace lantern is very convenient when planting agricultural products in spring, and is useful for night work in green houses, night fishing, mountain climbing, and camping. It can be conveniently used anywhere light is needed without installing wires, from night stalls and stalls to night construction sites and freight transport, night construction sites, ports, shipyards, railroad rails, and vehicle maintenance centers.

The company staff said, "We have developed a necklace lantern based on Bluetooth earphones. We have launched it last June and sold 30,000 pieces so far." He then said, "We are planning to hold an export consultation within the exhibition tomorrow. We want to promote our products to foreign countries with positive results."

This exhibition is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and is hosted by EXPO&U. The exhibition items are LEDs & LED Lighting Products, LED Chips / LED Components, Accessories & Raw Materials, LED Signage & LED Displays, Micro-LED Allied Products, UV(Ultra-Violet) LED Applications, LED Applications, LED Manufacturing Equipment / Machinery / Fixtures & Allied Products, Testing Laboratories & Research Organization, and Smart Light Building.

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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