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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2019] Hunix introduces IP 65 LED waterproof lighting (Aving)
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Hunix introduced IP 65 LED waterproof lighting at LED & OLED EXPO 2019, which runs June 25-27 at KINTEX.

Hunix is an electronics manufacturing company that was established in 2000. It specializes in mobile card reader for smartphones and printers, and it began developing LED light since 2009, specializing in making indoor LED lighting.

As a result of focusing on the stimulation of LED lighting market and developing LED lighting for parking lots, it has become a major company in LED lighting for parking lots. Currently, it is working on developing LED lighting with diverse performances and design.

Products introduced in this show is LED lighting with waterproof and dustproof features that is also price-competitive. It can be used in parking lots, food factories, confectionery factories, textile factories and warehouses, cafeterias, kitchen, restrooms, and so on. A staff from the company said, "We have now added direct surface lighting to our product lineup, and we are going to officially launch it within a month."

Exhibited by 250 companies from 13 countries around the world, LED & OLED Expo exhibits a wide range of LED items including OLED, optical and laser equipment, parts and materials. Prospecting the trend of the LED industry, LED & OLED Expo is preparing to take a big leap towards the era of optical convergence with the development of new technology along with the cutting-edge IoT, big data and AI.

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