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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2018] Core Semicon, introduced 'DAHLIA', linear platform for efficient horticulture factories
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Core Semicon participated in 'International LED & OLED EXPO 2018' held from Jun. 26th(Tue) to 28th(Thur) at 3th and 4th hall of KINTEX in Iisan and displayed 'DAHLIA' which is a linear platform for efficient horticulture factories, and 'CARMEN' series which is a single lens reflector from LEDIL.

(Photo description: 'DAHLIA', linear platform for efficient horticulture factories)

Core Semicon Co., Ltd. is a wholesale company for electrical and electronic parts, electric machinery equipment and its related tools and materials. The company released several product families of LEDIL at this exhibition.

(Photo description: The booth of Core Semicon)

Among them, the 'DAHLIA' from LEDIL presented as a main product is a linear platform which can be used in horticulture factories. This helps optical spectrum, which is important in producing plants, to maintain constant product quality. A light quantum and light are essential conditions for photosynthesis in plants, it allows light to produce a light quantum at an exact ratio.

The 'CARMEN' series, which is a single lens reflector, varies from 10mm to 14.5mm in diameter, and is a product with high degree of precision equipped with a black reflector. This product is compatible with 'HEKLA socket/connector' from LEDIL. It has improved optical performance and lighting compared to a golden-coated reflector. It can protect COB from being modulated or dusty in a closed designing method.

(Photo description: 'CARMEN' series, a single lens reflector)

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