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-Upon the exhibitor's request, the Organizer shall install compressed air service from existing facilities to the exhibition booth with the following specs.

-If there is any danger of machines becoming damaged during testing due to a pressure drop, the Exhibitor shall be
responsible for the installation of protective devices.
The Organizer shall not be held liable in any way for damage that may result.

-Exhibitors must cut off their compressed air supply valve and check for safety upon closure of the exhibition.
Classification Unit Price
Electricity Supply Power supply

Single-Phase 220V : For lighting

Daytime US $ 50 / Kw

Three-Phase 220V : For power

Three-Phase 380V : For power & special lighting

24 Hours

US $ 80 / Kw


Local Call Only Including long distance calls US $ 50 / Ea
Water supply Pressure 10 ㎏ / ㎤ (max) US $ 150 / Ea
Sub piping size 20mm(ψ)(max)
Water drainage Subpiping size 75mm(ψ)(max)

Compressed Air

Pressure  8kg/㎥(max)
Sub piping size 20mm(ψ)(max)



T1 Line US $ 150 / Port

Bar-Code System


Key-Fair System US $ 200 / Ea

Submit an Compressed Air Supply application with your application for show participation or download

an application for auxiliary services and send it by fax or E-mail to OLED EXPO 2020 Secretariat.

OLED EXPO 2020 Secretariat

E-mail : oled@exponu.com / Fax : +82-2-783-7292