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-The Organizer shall install a telephone system from the existing facilities to the exhibition booths, and shall install telephone system separately for domestic calls and internet lines at the request of Exhibitor.

-Exhibitors using telephones must return them when dismantling. In the event telephones or other equipment is lost, damaged
or rendered defective, the Exhibitor will be held liable for repair or restoration.
Classification Unit Price
Electricity Supply Power supply Single-Phase 220V : For lighting Daytime US $ 50 / Kw
Three-Phase 220V : For power
Three-Phase 380V : For power & special lighting
24 Hours US $ 80 / Kw
Telephone Local Call Only Including long distance calls US $ 50 / Ea
Water supply Pressure 10 ㎏ / ㎤ (max) US $ 150 / Ea
Sub piping size 20mm(ψ)(max)
Water drainage Subpiping size 75mm(ψ)(max)

Compressed Air

Pressure  8kg/㎥(max)
Sub piping size 20mm(ψ)(max)



T1 Line US $ 150 / Port

Bar-Code System


Key-Fair System US $ 200 / Ea

Submit an Telephone and Lan Installation with your application for show participation or download an

application for auxiliary services and send it by fax or E-mail to OLED EXPO 2020 Secretariat.

OLED EXPO 2020 Secretariat

E-mail : oled@exponu.com / Fax : +82-2-783-7292